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Essential Lock Maintenance Checks

06/26/2015 Back To Blog

Although residential lock repair is of the utmost importance, there is no way of knowing what needs to be done unless the door is regularly checked for defects. Some of the checks are simple visual exercises that will quickly diagnose the issues. Others are a lot more complex depending on the problem. Unfortunately, for some people it is only when they have lost their house keys that they even try to understand how the security system on their property works. This is by no means the best way forward. Instead check for any bends, dents, and scuff marks particularly around the key hole. This is a serious sign and might mean a complete replacement. The dead bolt should be intact with no holes or signs of rust. This is an important check in the winter where the moisture content in the atmosphere is quite high.Essential Lock Maintenance Checks


Dealing with commercial lockouts


For a business, the checks should be done by an authorized person, preferably with knowledge about the entire installation. One of the common problems is broken office keys yet there is need for access. That is why a master is so important because accesses every door and can be controlled by the security person. It is vital not to force things when they are stuck. Brute force does not make the structure work any better than before. Instead use gentle nudges and test whether there is anything wrong before addressing the issues. The lock fixture movement or painting circles is really a sign that the bolt has been loosened.


If the house keys are lost then a replacement should be arranged at the earliest opportunity. Check that the latches are not bent in any way. Where the office keys are harder to turn then it could either be due to deformation over time or rust. Feel the edges of the keyhole in order to ensure that there are no nicks. The metal should not look too shiny after a long period of usage. Likewise, it should not be turning rusty brown in color. The pin tumblers should be in their proper position and intact. The modern hybrid or digital locks are quite good as an upgrade. This is because they are not necessarily dependent on pins and tumblers. That makes them very secure.  All these little details must be looked at as often as possible so that nothing is missed.

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