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Installing Digital Locks

06/26/2015 Back To Blog

The great thing about digital locks is they completely get rid of the need for keys or the rekey process. They are literally the latest in the long list of upgrades to hit the industry. Interestingly they work as well for commercial properties and offices. In fact the technology is already successfully working on cars and why it has been adopted for homes and businesses. The materials that are required include a screwdriver, impact driver, drilling bits, wood screws, deadbolts and good quality batteries. The first step is to carefully remove the old deadbolt starting with only one screw. Alternatively, the front and back ends can be done together. The door should then be opened. The deadbolt is squeezed with one hand while the other loosens the second screw.Installing Digital Locks


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The two screws that hold the deadbolt to the frame are removed using screws. All the bits that seem to have any problem should be repaired prior to the installation. Normally the bolt has three pieces including the back, front, and adjuster. According to the setup, the front bit acts as the touchscreen while the back helps in the opening and closing. Testing is critical prior to making any changes. The sliding mechanism in particular is prone to warping. This can be tested by turning the lever and ensuring that it slides smoothly both inside and outside. The setback distance should be anywhere between 2.4 and 2.75 inches. Use the centering of the old deadbolt as the placement test. The mechanism should then be placed through the keyhole. It must be facing upwards and not downwards.


The drill is used once again to secure the bolt using screws that measure 2 inches. The existing strike place should be adjusted accordingly. At the same time the screws for the strike plate go through the jamb. Thus the 3 inch ones support the 4 inch ones. The back bracket should be pushed onto the door frame gently and then fixed. This allows the touchscreen to be seen clearly, an essential step for proper functionality. A wire cable runs to the deadbolt. The final step is inserting the batteries. Various prompts then require a master code. Needless the codes must be kept securely and not shared with people who have no authority to access the property. Regular testing is also advisable given the complexity of the electronics at hand.

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