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Top 3 Brands of Home Locks

01/20/2017 Back To Blog

Three Separate Offerings

Brands in the lock industry build themselves up much like brands in any other industry. They have become top names, either by providing high quality long lasting and reliable locks to clients over many years, or by innovating new lock designs that are at the forefront of consumer technology. Our top pics for residential lock brands are Schlage, Weslock and Baldwin. Each of these mega brands has a different offering to make to home owners in terms of security and convenience benefits. You will need to judge for yourself which of these would best suit your own home situation and style. We certainly can’t pick between them.Top 3 Brands of Home Locks

Introducing Innovative Schlage

Despite having a history tracing back to 1920, this company has managed to remain a forerunner in its field in terms of technological exploitation. In its product range you’ll find wireless electronic deadbolts, exterior home keypads and even touchscreen multi code machines. Perhaps the coolest part of their offering to consumers is the blue-tooth enabled devices they have created to give you the option to unlock your home from your cell phone. Home automation is no longer a thing of the future, it is now.

You Can Depend On Weslock

With deep roots in the industry, this brand can trace its history right back to the 1930s when it was founded by the Hilgren family in California. Older brands tend to build more reliable products because they have had years to develop and perfect their patented technology. Although this company has now moved manufacturing operations to Mexico (it’s a competitive market so who can blame them), the quality of their locks has by no means diminished. They have been a reliable brand that has served customers well for many years and has thus become established as a market leader. We expect that they’re here to stay indefinitely.

Find Style with Baldwin

As a more high end designer brand, this company brings style to their locking mechanisms. You’ll find they tout a handmade approach to many of their mechanisms – and it shows. With simply stunning aesthetics and a high quality finish we’re sure anyone with a taste for the finer things in life will love these locking systems. They cater to both residential and commercial clients, so regardless of whether it’s your home or office being secured; they can do it in style.

Personality Profile Yourself

Chances are one of the top three brands mentioned above suits your personality and that of your home as well. So call in your professional local locksmith and get securing with these awesome brands.

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